Decatur County Clerk of Courts speaks to Bainbridge Lion’s Club

Published 9:23 am Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Cecilia Willis, Decatur County Court Clerk, recently told the Bainbridge Lions club about the many services provided by her office. The office holds all records of real estate transactions, and is currently engaged in a six-year process to digitize all records held in the office. They also are responsible for selection of jurors, for verification of all ballots hand cast in an election, and for records that result from proceedings of a Magistrates Court. Many citizens of Decatur County are acquainted with Ms. Willis and her office staff because they have administrative responsibility for the Grand Jury. The office also provides notary services. Citizens frequently contact the office if they are notified of an increase in property tax, which may result from actions by the Decatur County Tax Assessor. While the notice is provided by the office of the County Court Clerk, the offices is not responsible for any increase; however, the office staff can assist taxpayers to understand the process of filing an appeal. Ms. Willis tells that assisting taxpayers is the most useful and satisfying work done by her staff.

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