Education intern goes door-to-door to help families

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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Decatur County, along with Leon County residents may have recently gotten an unfamiliar knock at their door. Behind the knock is Jordan Meynard, an intern selling educational products through Southwestern Advantage.

Meynard, a sophomore at Texas A &M University is majoring in Neuroscience and calling Decatur County home for the summer.

Through his internship, Meynard goes door-to-door to help kids find excitement in learning, while helping families with homework and helping high school students with ACT/SAT prep.

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Meynard said the internship at Southwestern Advantage is a bit unusual in the fact that is applicable to almost any major.

“It’s more of a growth internship,” Meynard said. “You go into this internship for skills you want to develop.”

One of those skills is people skills.

Meynard said through the internship, he works 80+ hours a week, going door-to-door and interacting and speaking with families.

“We make it a priority to give everyone a chance and knock on every door,” he said.

Through knocking on doors, Meynard said he has gained an incredible perspective on life in general.

“I never expected to meet this many people, let alone this many people in a day,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to have a lot of cool conversations.”

Through the conversations, Meynard has come to realize that there are people in Decatur County who don’t have the resources they need to succeed and that is what he wants to provide. The educational resources he offers have been developed by a national board of top educators, professors and hall of fame teachers. The resources act as supplemental tools to meet the academic goals of families and have been tailored to the curriculums provided in public, private and home school settings.

Meynard admitted the first few weeks of the internship were tough and he received a lot of “no’s,” but he knows that is just the nature of the industry and that some people don’t have children or aren’t in need of the materials.

Luckily, Southwestern Advantage doesn’t set a quota for Meynard. He said the internship is more about the experience one gains.

“As long as you put in the work to better yourself, the skills and results will come,” Meynard said.

Meynard has just finished his seventh week of the internship and still has several weeks to go. He hopes to meet his goal of knocking on every door, but he encourages those who have not had the opportunity to meet him to reach out to him at 817-526-4607 to discuss their specific educational needs, so he can help.