Bainbridge Animal Hospital opens doors in Downtown Bainbridge

Published 8:55 am Thursday, April 29, 2021

Yet another new business has moved to town, that being the Bainbridge Animal Hospital. A new expansion from the Cairo Animal Hospital, the hospital has been in consideration for roughly the last 5 years, with the building being bought toward the end of 2019, owned by Dr. Alex Greenberg, D.V.M. and Dr. Elizabeth Kidd, D.V.M.

As an expansion from the Cairo branch, Bainbridge Animal Hospital will be staffed with veterinarians from there, with one vet present on site at the time. These include both Dr. Kidd and Dr. Greenberg, as well as Dr. Patricia Dileo, V.M.D., and Dr. Julia France, D.V.M., with Dr. Greenberg being present two days of the week instead of one.

“This is my wife’s hometown,” Dr. Greenberg said, discussing the reasons that brought them to Bainbridge. “We already had clients in Decatur from Cairo Animal Hospital.” Aside from overlap between the clients and two locations, one of the main reasons that brought the hospital to Bainbridge was the renewed focus on downtown. “The whole reason we’re here is the work and contraction into the square,” Greenberg said. “We thought it was a great location. The revitalization of downtown was attractive.”

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As the new office is set up, the staff are making upgrades to their current systems, with the aim of going paperless and linking the hospital’s computers. “Software is the biggest learning curve for us,” Dr. Kidd said. “We’re excited to be in Bainbridge.”

Located at 212 North Broad Street, the hospital’s hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, save for Wednesdays, which will serve as half days for medicine pick-ups. Farm calls vary by situation, but typically remain within a 30 minute driving radius of the clinic. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 229-515-3784.