The Joy of Fishing in the Rain

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Among the things that Addy got as Christmas gifts last year was fishing gear—rod and reel, tackle box, and various pieces of fishing supplies. She has been fishing with me a few times and used my equipment, but she was proud to have her very own. We had hoped to try it out right away but for one reason or another that did not work out. Finally while she was on spring break from school, I blocked out some time to take her. We made our plans and our fishing day finally arrived. She was excited about it but the weather was far from exciting with heavy threatening clouds hanging low. I had to make a decision to postpone it or take a chance at it and go on anyway. I chose the latter; I did not want to let down a ten year old who had her heart set on trying to catch some fish.

We loaded up our fishing gear and headed for the water. Unfortunately, the closer we got to the place I had chosen the more the rain fell from the sky. Addy’s enthusiasm did not seem to be thwarted, though, so we made our way to the water’s edge and cast out for the daily catch. In spite of the discomfort of the rain and the lack of cooperation by the fish she did not seem discouraged; we kept fishing in the rain. After a few streaks of lightning that were too close for comfort we had to give it up—I do not mind getting wet, but the possibility of getting struck by lightning is a different matter! Nevertheless, we will try again when conditions are better.

Addy’s desire to catch some fish caused her to stand firm and not allow uncomfortable weather and inconvenient conditions to cause her to give up. And even though we went home empty handed that morning she is still willing to go back and try it again. I think she is beginning to understand that the pleasure of success is worth the difficulty and disappointment that often precede it.

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In our spiritual walk we sometimes encounter seasons and situations in which we do not immediately realize the success that we had hoped to have. As we struggle along, the words recorded in 1 Corinthians 16 offer some helpful guidance: “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love” (Verses 13-14, New International Version).

When Addy and I embarked on our Friday morning fishing trip we had no power over the weather or the fish, yet we went on. Even though there were those major things that we had no control over, we did our part as best as we knew how–we got our equipment and supplies together and moved ahead with determination. In spite of the realization that the outcome was not what we had hoped for, that will not dampen our desire to try it again.

If we are not careful we can easily become disheartened in our work for God when things do not appear to us to be accomplishing much. In those times we can gain fresh strength by employing the things that the verses quoted above instruct us to use. In addition to always being watchful spiritually and remaining firm in our faith, we can rest assured that courage, strength, and love are all powerful tools that we can utilize to enable us to achieve what God has called us to achieve.

Just because there are days when we have to fish in the rain and we still do not catch anything, it does not mean that we quit fishing. We simply wait until a better day and try it again. In our spiritual endeavors we do not always gain the results that we want to see at the moment, but we do not give up. Instead, we stand firm in faith, courage, and love as we trust God to do in us and through us what only He can do.