BLT looking forward with a new look

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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BLT is planning a new season with a new look.

While the Bainbridge Little Theatre has been shut down for a year due to COVID-19, Henry and Barbara Intili, co-managers of the theatre, look upon the last 15 months as having an upside for the theatre.

During that time they have undertaken a major renovation that includes removal of all the old seating and carpet. The exposed concrete flooring was then cleaned and given a special coating and painted. Red carpet was secured in the aisles and all new seats installed.

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“We would not have been able to do these things if we were having on-going productions,” said Henry. “COVID-19 gave us time to get things done.” He noted that the flooring, completed by Parker Paints, has definitely improved the acoustics.

Other necessary improvements that may not be as obvious were solving the drainage water problem in the rear of the building and extending hot water to the restrooms.

The change in scenery construction, which has been noted in prior articles, is worth another mention. The Intilis had attended a play in Atlanta where former BLT actor Thad Nifong was preforming. They were struck by the appearance of the wooden panels of the set. They took time to study the construction and how they can be refigured, then came home and built a whole new set for Bainbridge. The Intilis are known for their set construction skills.

Now, they are looking forward to opening a new season this fall. It will start with Neil Simon’s “Rumors”, the show that was in rehearsal when things closed down. Luckily, all the cast members are still available according to Henry, who will be directing the show as well. He expects rehearsals to begin in August with an early October opening.