Finally, the Really Important Stuff

Published 12:26 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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I’ve got my sarcastic hat on today. I just felt the need to say that.

I was worried that there is so much happening these days that we would miss out on the really important stuff like how to restart the nation after a year of shutdowns and lockouts because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Or, the burgeoning crisis on our southern border which has been re-opened to hundreds of illegal migrants crossing every day. I just hope they get here soon enough to receive their stimulus checks.

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I certainly hope we don’t miss the important discussion about getting our students back to in-person schooling and helping them to overcome a whole year of lost education.

Let’s not forget the importance of that stimulating discussion to establish confidence in our electoral systems. Or the violence that is increasing every day in our big cities. Or the fact that our nation’s Capital has thousands of armed national guardsmen and a wire fence to keep the people out of the “People’s Building.”

I’ve been worried about these important discussions, but, thankfully, Oprah has come to the rescue to bring us the really important stuff. Whoever said we don’t care about what’s really important?

Millions of people tuned in Sunday night to hear Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire, interview a most distraught couple of millionaires about how tough life is. I’m talking about Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan, formerly members of Britain’s royal family. Talk about your “Must-See TV!”

Before I go any further, let me admit that I forgot to tune in to the two hour “whine-a-thon.” After all, even the important stuff that they talked about must take a back seat to cleaning out a closet. Plus, I had my Perry Mason DVD that I’ve only seen ten times.

Still, it was the talk of the next day’s morning shows and I caught a snippet or two. I can’t believe I missed the really important stuff that they talked about. I did not know how difficult it was to grow up in a palace with hundreds of servants and unlimited “dough-re-mi.”

Harry says that his relationship with The Firm (that’s what the British call the Royal Family) has been affected by his desire to do his own thing rather than do his job. Ya think?

Let’s see. Harry and Meghan told Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip that they wanted out. I’m sure there were royal discussions, but in essence, I think Granny and Granddaddy told them, “Don’t let the door hit you, but leave the Rolls Royce.”

Meghan was upset that Archie, their son, would not be called a prince. She should have officially named him Prince Archie and that would have taken care of that minor detail.

In addition, the couple seemed to be surprised that life would be tougher on the outside looking in. Why they are going to have to pay for their own security! And they would learn what it means to have to buy a house. Of course they bought one next to Tom Cruise, a nice little fixer-upper that only cost $14 million.

I read that Oprah did not have to pay Harry and Meghan for the interview. Yeah, right! CBS, on the other hand, paid Oprah around $7 million for the two-hour sit down. Now I know how Oprah got to be a billionaire. She gets paid for the interview, but doesn’t pay the interviewees.

But, I’m thankful that the really important stuff has been put before the American people and the world. I always wanted to know how lifestyles of the rich and famous really worked. Now I know how blessed I am!