Patient discharged after month long stay

Published 9:49 am Monday, February 22, 2021

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For those who have been exposed to COVID, it’s a relief to finally get over the virus. For those who the virus forced into hospitalization, finally leaving the hospital can feel liberating. Henry Cutts recently experienced that, being discharged from Memorial Hospital and Manor after being admitted with COVID over a month ago.

Cutts and his wife Patty both contracted COVID, though Cutts remained at Memorial after she was transferred elsewhere. Initially admitted on January 9, he was discharged this past Wednesday, February 17, to much celebration and fanfare from both his family and the hospital staff. Balloons and signs were held all down the hallway to the exit, with staff even setting up a finish line at the end.

Pat Dean, a respiratory therapist at Memorial, spoke positively about Mr. Cutts’ stay. “He had his ups and downs with maintaining his oxygen levels, but he never gave up,” she said. “He always encouraged us in Respiratory with his kind words and sweet smile. … For our Respiratory Department, Wednesday was a very rewarding day. Lots of tears as we have seen so many sad endings.”

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Cutts’ daughter Amy Thompson gave praise and thanks to both the hospital and those that kept her family in thoughts and prayers. “Both of my parents have had excellent care, from ICU to therapy… they’ve had excellent personal care. I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, and for the top-notch care they received.”