Cashing in on Cannabis

Published 9:27 am Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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In 2018, Georgia legislature passed the Farm Bill, allowing for derivatives of hemp such as, cannabinoids, analogs, etc. to be sold legally as long as they do not contain more that .3% THC.

After this law passed, several wellness brands began selling CBD products, CBG products and hemp derivatives. One of these companies is the V8P shop located on Shotwell Street.

With the rising popularity of CBD, V8P Shop co- owners Brandon Draper and Alorian (Lori) Williams opened up Port City Delta inside of the V8P Shop that sells organically grown- hand-picked Delta-8 THC.

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Draper said Delta-8 is not currently federally regulated, but it should be fine because of the Farm Bill, as it is a derivative of the industrial hemp and cannabis plant.

“We are selling the Delta-8 products,” Draper said. “We have gummies and sublingual tinctures and vape cartridges. All this I have contracted from Colorado or Washington State.”

Draper said they also have a man who gives them CBD flowers, which he assured will not get customers “high” and is not used as a psychotropic. However, the Delta-8 products can provide somewhat of a “high,” as scientists have yet to study its effects in depth.

“The Delta-8 has been a huge commodity for us and what makes it great is that there are possibly a couple of doctors who have referred patients to us, because you can’t get it medically right now,” Draper said.

When asked how many customers they are currently seeing purchase the Delta-8, Draper said it is teetering between the store’s second and third bestselling item every day.

“We have a customer who has a degenerative spine issue and she comes in and buys so much every week that we give her an employee discount,” Draper said.

Draper said the customer uses the Delta-8 for their pain, and while he is not a doctor, he does believe it helps them and would like to see a bill for medical marijuana passed.

“People come in with PTSD, migraines… debilitating migraines that they would go to the hospital for, and now they don’t have to do that anymore because of the Delta-8,” Draper said.

Draper realizes many people still have a negative view of cannabis due to the propaganda they have been exposed to, but wants people to know that cannabis is not what it once was.

Draper does not believe cannabis is a gateway drug; he believes everything can be taken in moderation.
Williams said she is a user of the Delta-8 and previously a CBD user, but has never been tempted to try anything else.

“I see absolutely no difference between marijuana and alcohol,” Draper reiterated. “We have evolved to use it for pain management and some people use it to get off other drugs, because it lessens the withdrawal symptoms.”

Going forward, Draper would love to see cannabis legalized for medical and recreational usage. His goal is to eventually open a dispensary.

Currently, individuals in Georgia are allowed to receive a medical marijuana card, although they cannot use it in the state of Georgia.

“The laws are set up now where you can grow your cannabis, but not let it age to marijuana,” Draper said.
Draper is already set up with growers when the law approves for dispensaries. He said once approved, he can just tell his growers to let it age all the way out.

For now, Draper is content offering Delta- 8 in 10-15 different strands, along with a variety of edibles at Port City Delta.

He encourages anyone interested in learning more about the cannabis product to come visit him and Williams at 1119 East Shotwell Street or email them at