Bainbridge Weather Worldwide

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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I get a weather “alert” on my cell phone every morning. It tells me the temperature as I am waking up. This morning, it informed me that it was 34 degrees outside, but tomorrow will be four degrees colder. That’s chilly, but it could be worse.

I typed “Bainbridge” into my computer, intending to see a ten-day forecast, but didn’t pursue that when I saw that there was a Bainbridge, New York. It’s in central New York State.

My daughter teaches school in Syracuse, NY, and, naturally, I’m interested in the weather she and her family are experiencing. Currently, they are getting plenty of snow and waking up to a morning temp of 21 degrees. I told you it could be worse!

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Back to Bainbridge, NY. They’re a little colder than we are this morning at 25 degrees, but it’s next Monday and Tuesday that caught my eye. This time next week Bainbridge, NY will be at four degrees and that’s after a two-degree Monday. In fact, the whole of next week, the average temperature in Bainbridge, NY, will be a little over eight degrees.

There is a Bainbridge, Ohio that looks to have the same range of cold as the New York Bainbridge. But the one that takes the cake is our namesake city in Indiana. It has a 7-day average of three degrees next week. If you lived in Bainbridge, Indiana and were thinking about going to church this Sunday, layer up. The forecast calls for a “negative” six degrees!

Tell the truth. Which Bainbridge would you rather be in next week? That’s what we call a no-brainer.
Seeing that there was a Bainbridge, NY and a few more in other states got me interested in cities with the name “Bainbridge,” worldwide. What is their weather today?

There is a Bainbridge in England. It’s in North Yorkshire and I checked out their Tuesday morning, February 2, weather. I was stunned to see their temperature at Zero, then remembered that England would be on a different temperature scale. Instead of the American Fahrenheit scale, they number their temps by the Celsius scale.

Zero degrees sounds pretty cold, but when the Celsius scale is considered, the Zero degree is actually our 32 degrees, so Bainbridge, UK, was about the same as Bainbridge, GA.

There is a Bainbridge, British Columbia, in Canada. Its temperature today is three degrees, but Canada also uses the Celsius scale and that converts to about 37 degrees in American temperature. Bainbridge, British Columbia, in Canada has an elevation of about 5400 feet. That’s a little higher than our neighbor, Climax, elevation 285 feet.

Bainbridge, BC is near Bainbridge Lake from which it gets its drinking water. According to the latest population figures, Bainbridge, BC in Canada has approximately 337 people. I would think that if the population is that small, they could be accurate instead of approximate!

Paul Theroux is an American travel writer and says there is one thing about cold weather. “It brings out the statistician in everyone.” I think I have just fulfilled his quote. I’ve looked up cold temperatures in just about every city named Bainbridge.

Another thing about the cold is that it’s the first topic of conversation. Everyone feels the need to be a Willie the Weather Man. You’re old if you remember him!

“It was a little nippy this morning,” you might hear. “But, I understand that tomorrow morning is going to be even colder, especially with the wind chill.”

One thing’s for sure. Not one of us is going to change the weather. It is what it is and that’s cold! Still, I’m glad I’m in Bainbridge, GA and not Bainbridge, Indiana. And that has nothing to do with the weather.