Taurus adopts Salvation Army angels

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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Taurus USA donated 40 American Express gift cards on Tuesday afternoon to Tiffany Lawrence, who was helping with the Salvation Army Angel Tree at the Bean Café.

Taurus representative, Jose Suarez said they had never heard about the Angel Tree until visiting The Bean one afternoon.

“We saw it and we thought that was a really nice initiative,” he said. “So, we wanted to join in.”
Suarez then approached Camilo Velasquez of Taurus, who agreed they should be involved in the project.

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Upon agreeing, the accounting department purchased 40 gift cards, valued at $25 each for 20 children. The children will each receive two gift cards, allowing them to pick out their own gifts and get the things they truly wanted on their wish list.

“We wanted to get involved somehow, but we knew we didn’t have time to shop for each kid, but this was a way we could give back,” Suarez said.

The Angel Tree has been a longtime tradition of the Salvation Army and allows individuals or businesses to pick a child who is less fortunate to provide Christmas for.

The children Taurus provided for were among the 175-200 adopted by Salvation Army, who were in need of a Christmas surprise this holiday season.

Merreann McDonald was thrilled with the giving she has seen this holiday season and knows it takes hands all over to make this huge undertaking possible.