A Bearcat at Heart

Published 5:07 pm Friday, December 18, 2020

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When my former editor Powell Cobb left and I was assigned his position, I was excited to begin a new chapter in my life. However, a part of me was also terrified that I would take on the role of sports writer until we could find another reporter.

If you know me, you know in order to prepare for the Cairo game last year I watched Friday Night Lights incessantly trying to learn the positions. One might think I know a little something about football coming from University of Alabama, but they are sadly mistaken.

By late summer it became apparent to me I would indeed need to do the position previews myself. I hesitated at the mere thought of it, but eventually gave in and reached out to Coach Jeff Littleton, who invited me to practice.

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I didn’t know where to look and I had no clue who was a linebacker or where in the world a fullback stood (these could still be the same position I’m unclear on that yet).

However, the team and coaches welcomed me with open arms and answered all my questions, even the slightly dumb ones, although they assured me there was no such thing as a dumb question.

Some of the players joked around with me that I must be a “cat lady” since I knew so little about the game of football. I promised them I was not, but they are still unconvinced.

As I headed out to the Ware County away game that first time, I realized I may enjoy covering this more than I thought. I began to do little cheers on the sidelines while taking pictures and rejoicing when a big play was made.

As the season went on, I realized it didn’t matter how much or in my case how little I knew about the positions; what mattered was my passion and love for writing on a team who is giving it their all.

It’s impossible not to love writing about something when you see the joy that spreads on these players’ faces when they’ve made such a huge accomplishment. I have spent most of 2020 filled with dread like many of you, but the one thing I no longer dread is covering football. I have watched a team’s dreams come true this year and formed relationships I never would have otherwise.

I write this column prior to the results of Friday night’s game and in my mind we’ve already won. Or, I’ve already won. I’ve won an appreciation for the hard work the team and coaches put in every week and I’ve won the opportunity to cover the 2018 State Champions and dream team known as the Bainbridge Bearcats.

I thank every fan and every player, parent and coach for sticking with me and my football covering skills this year. It can only go up from here!

As always, Go Bearcats!