Finish Line Express gets upgrades

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Drivers on Alice Street may have recently noticed some improvements at the local Finish Line Express Car Wash; owners Tuner and Mack Brock just finished an eight-week renovation, complete with a car display on the roof of the building.

Finish Line Express was previously an in-bay express wash, meaning the machine washed around a vehicle. Now, the car wash washes the vehicle as it rides through on a conveyor belt. Turner said it had been idea for a while, and he and his brother thought the new look would be more modern and would be quicker for cars trying to get in and out.

Since the upgrade, one of the main pieces of attention has been the car display. Turner is hoping to use the car display as a cross-promotion.

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He would like the vehicles on top to change from month-to-month. He recently spoke with Sheriff Wiley Griffin about having a patrol vehicle on top to signal Red Ribbon Week. Turner is currently celebrating ag appreciation week at Finish Line Express and expects to have an ag truck up on display soon.
In order to get the vehicles on display, Griffin Brothers uses a crane that allows Turner to drive on and off the platform built into the roof of the car wash.

Turner also created a Finish Line Wash Club that coordinates with the car on display. Customers can choose from one of five categories: Armed Forces, First Responders/Medical, Business Professional/ Retired, Student/Teacher or Farmer/Farm Business and they will get a discount code that applies to them.

No matter what category a customer falls into, an attendant will be at the front of the wash to help them on to the conveyor belt and pre-spray the car for bugs or mud that may be stuck on.

Turner hopes these new improvements will encourage people to come out and get their car cleaned. Their new hours are 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday- Sunday.