Things Better Left Unsaid

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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There are all sorts of professionals in our lives and we depend upon them. The great majority are accomplished and successful in their fields. At the same time, we all make mistakes. Would you like to know about the mistakes as they are happening or would you rather find out about them afterwards.

You know how my mind works sometimes; always looking for the humorous. I was telling someone the other day that this year has been a very difficult year to find the funny things in life. It’s been a challenge, but I got to thinking about the professionals that we depend upon and thought of things better left unsaid as we deal with them.

For instance, Donna Sue has been styling my hair for all the years of our marriage and I don’t think I would want another “barber.” If I did have a barber, I think the last thing I would want to hear from him or her as she was cutting my hair would be the short phrase, “Uh-Oh, wish I hadn’t cut that much.” That would be better left unsaid.

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Or what about the doctor that you depend upon to examine you during your annual health check-up. I’ve got a good doctor, but I don’t think I would want to him to say within my hearing, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!” What are you talking about, Doc?

Automobiles are important to all of us and, if we are blessed, we have minimum trips to the repair shop. However, if I take my car into the garage and it’s hiccupping all the way, spitting and sputtering, I wouldn’t want to overhear my mechanic call out to his help, “Hey Joe, come here. Have you ever seen a bigger oil leak than this? Holy Havoline!” Better left unsaid, if you ask me.

I’m a preacher and we have to be careful with all the sinners, if you know what I mean. But, if I weren’t a preacher and I went to one and confessed my latest failing, the last thing I would want to hear would be, “Sorry, you haven’t got a chance!”

School teachers are professionals and I’m not in school anymore. If I were, though, and I had just taken the most important test of the year; the test that would mean graduation or not, there is at least one thing I would not want to hear. “Gosh, it looks like you would have gotten at least one question right!”

How would you like to be finishing a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant when the manager comes out and makes the announcement, “Sorry, we’ve got to close. The Health Department just gave us the lowest grade in history.”

I’m very satisfied with my pharmacy, but I don’t think I would like a call that began, “You haven’t taken that medicine yet, have you?”

I consider the people who work in banks professionals and the ones that work at my bank are very nice to me. Even so, it would be a little disconcerting to be asked, “Mr. Roberts, when did you empty your account?”

Let’s think outside of our lives. What about Washington, since it’s election season. Imagine working for the president and overhearing the Chief of Staff say, “Mr. President, I think you pushed the wrong button. We need to go to the bunker as quickly as we can.”

I’m going to ask without delay, “May I go, too?”

Finally, in this year of 2020, there is one phrase I would not want to hear. It might come about December 31 and the voice I hear might say, “Let’s have a repeat!”

Better left unsaid!