Chip Nix qualifies for Sheriff’s race as Independent candidate

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Independent candidate for Decatur County Sheriff, Chip Nix, qualified to appear on the November 3 ballot, along with Wiley Griffin and John Kirkus on Friday afternoon.

In order to qualify as an Independent candidate, Nix was required to collect signatures from five percent of the registered voters in Decatur County. Nix said he turned in approximately 944 signatures, which was twice the amount he was asked to collect.

Nix said he is thankful to everyone who supported him and signed his petition to be on the ballot. He said 30 people helped circulate his petition and get the signatures he needed to be considered.

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“I’m really excited to know the direction I took for being an Independent candidate has paid off,” Nix said. “The citizens want me to run and it meant a lot to me they would sign my petition.”

Nix said he hopes candidates will look into running as an Independent candidate in the future. Nix said he wants everyone to see past the label of Republican or Democrat and meet in the middle.

“Parties keep us divided,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to compromise their party; I just want to meet halfway.”

Nix encourages anyone who may have questions about his platform or what he wants to accomplish as sheriff to reach out to him.