Mobile delivery, errand service opens up amidst COVID-19

Published 4:38 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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COVID-19 brought about a new uncertainty in everyone. Individuals feared leaving their home due to the fact they may become exposed to the virus and shoppers began constantly questioning how they would get items without risking their health. However, no one had to fear for long. Carlyle Kirbo came up with a solution to not just this short- term problem, but the long awaited delivery service many residents have been wanting.

Kirbo  has started a delivery service known as Cloud’s Helping Hands Errand Service, named after his son.

“I’ve always thought Bainbridge needed a delivery service, but especially after COVID-19 hit and people couldn’t get out to get what they needed,” Kirbo said.

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The errand service Kirbo provides handles any basic task, he said. Kirbo will deliver food, go grocery shopping and deliver groceries, pet sit or deliver other products to locations.

He said he has recently picked up a lawnmower and delivered it to a repair shop, gone shopping at Home Depot to pick up products and dropped off a broken boat trailer and delivered a fixed one.

Kirbo doesn’t just offer his service in Bainbridge; he said he is willing to travel anywhere in the area. He has traveled to Tallahassee and Dothan for special delivery requests, but is willing to go wherever someone needs as long as they pay for the mileage expense.

Kirbo’s prices vary by the job, but for food delivery it is a flat $6 fee and for grocery shopping it is also a flat $6 fee, plus time spent shopping.

For those interested in having Kirbo grocery shop for them, he asks that they send him their list and note any specific brands of the product they may want and if there’s a specific store they want it from; he will then go and get to shopping.

“I’m available seven days a week and I just really want to help make people’s lives easier,” he said.

Kirbo said he knows some people aren’t sure if he offers the errand they need done, but he encourages them to reach out to him and he will give them a free quote if it can be done and the price.

To contact Kirbo for his delivery services, email or text/call 229-726-2098.