When you’re hungry in Bainbridge, check out these options

Published 3:41 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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By: Carah Jones

Editorial Intern

As my time being a (permanent) resident of Bainbridge comes to an end for the summer, I want to reflect and share a few of my favorite meals that this up-and-coming town has to offer. Although most of these meals do fit my trend of being plant based and heart healthy, there are several occasions when I crave more decadent options to satisfy my hunger, and Bainbridge always has that craving covered.

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I want to start off with a rather new discovery, an entree that I have only tried a couple of times, but will miss dearly while I am away. Since Southern Philosophy Brewing has opened in the downtown area, I have witnessed a usually rather quiet and boring town blossom into a community strengthened by growing friendships and good food. The brewery has provided a common ground for members of our town to gather and socialize, while establishing a stronger network between old friends and turning strangers into new friends. Not only does the brewery give a sense of a nightlife to our sweet town, the menu offers contemporary food options that do not disappoint.

I do not claim to be a food critic, or have the qualifications to be one, but in my humble truth, the In The Pines salad from Southern Philosophy is a combination of food unlike one I have ever experienced before. I am a fan of salad, typically, but this concoction takes salad to another league. With two types of leafy greens as a base, Romaine and Arugula, the In The Pines salad also comes with avocado, cannellini beans, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, aged parmesan shavings, is soaked in a delicious White Balsamic-Citrus Vinaigrette dressing, and the ingredient that impressed my tastebuds the most, was the extremely palatable chunks of artichoke.

My next meal of choice and a usual go-to, is actually not found on any menu in town, but is strangely familiar to many people local to the area. I’m not sure when I even made the discovery, but Yuki Express has a secret menu item named after a member of our own community, called the Kristi Special. Eponymous to Kristi Bulger, the Kristi Special is simply an order of Yuki’s flavorsome chicken and broccoli, but instead of being soaked in teriyaki sauce and butter, the ingredients are only grilled and steamed. I enjoy this option because I can eat the whole plate without feeling the bloated guilt that usually comes with a full hibachi meal, but at the same time, I can still dip the chicken and broccoli in Yuki’s deliciously infamous yum-yum sauce for added flavor.

When I asked Bulger how this meal came to be, she said “I just wanted the healthiest option. Chicken, extra broccoli, smallest amount of butter possible. I ordered it every time I came in.”

I know I’m not the only one that is thankful for Bulger’s contribution to Yuki’s menu.

Often days around meal time, I find myself less hungry than usual. In these situations, I know I want to eat, and I know I need to eat, but I just don’t feel like I have much of an appetite. That’s when I head to Health Products & Yogurt Too and order my most favorite meal replacement in all the world, a peanut butter protein smoothie. I love ordering smoothies from Health Products & Yogurt Too because I know the ingredients are simple and natural, unlike smoothies you may get from chain companies that have immense amounts of added sugar. I like to add protein to my smoothies as well because even though I might not have an appetite at the time, it is important to consume a certain number of calories every day to keep the body functioning healthy. Health Products & Yogurt Too offers an amazing and fresh variety of smoothie flavors, as well as health products that act as a catalyst for reaching whatever health goals you may have.

Lastly, I want to share the guilty pleasure meal I indulge in when I’m craving more substance than usual, and it comes from a personal favorite, Uncle Bill’s Pizzeria. First, I want to mention that I am so thankful for the warmth that Uncle Bill’s brought to Bainbridge. I was in middle school when the restaurant opened, but it almost immediately became the place for families, sports teams, birthday parties, church groups, and friends to go without any consequence of group size or timing.

My favorite item on Uncle Bill’s menu is the chicken bacon ranch wrap. I always get it on wheat, and toasted. And most importantly, it comes with a pickle. There is always an option for everyone in the group when going to Uncle Bill’s, and if you’re having a bit of a sweet tooth, the Mimi’s Almost World Famous Cinnamon Roll Butter Balls are always a hit.

That’s a wrap on my food tour of Bainbridge, although there are so many more delicious meals I  would love to write about as well. Even though I will be leaving Bainbridge for a spell, I am very happy to be continuing my column on food and health throughout the rest of the summer. Look out in next week’s paper for a food column written from a beach perspective!