Burglary leads to arrest on Open Pond

Published 3:30 pm Friday, June 26, 2020

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Decatur County Sheriff’s Office responded to an attempted burglary on Tuesday, which resulted in the arrest of Timothy Raymond Brown, following a brief struggle.

DCSO Investigator Adam Mobley responded to the call on Open Pond Road, where homeowner Lane Rich told Mobley his son, Jonathan was inside the shop when he heard someone knocking loudly at the door.

Jonathan walked outside and noticed a male, later identified as Brown, walking back to a dark, 4-door sedan that was parked near the front door. Jonathan then observed the vehicle back around the house to the back door of the residence. As Brown exited the vehicle, he picked up a black tire iron and then proceeded to the back door with it in hand.

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While walking to the door, Brown noticed Jonathan and stopped in his tracks. Jonathan reportedly yelled to Brown he was calling the cops, before Brown hurried to his vehicle and left the scene.

Luckily, Jonathan was able to collect the tag number before Brown drove away. He then gave it to Investigator Vincent Edmond, who ran it through a database and saw that it was registered to Brown.

Edmond looked up Brown on Facebook and asked Jonathan if this was the man he saw and Jonathan confirmed it was.

Mobley then spoke with Jonathan’s father, Lane, who said the same man had been at Bell Farms, prior to attempting to break in, where a worker spoke to him.

Mobley drove to Bell Farms and spoke with Trey McCall.

McCall told investigators Brown parked outside and told him he was looking for a job, when McCall told Brown they were not hiring he drove away.

Mobley showed McCall the picture of Brown, and McCall confirmed it was the same man.

Mobley and Edmond, along with investigators Justin Kelly and Chief Investigator Elijah McCoy then spoke with Brown on the phone. Brown agreed to meet with them at a residence in Meigs, Georgia to discuss the incident.

Upon arrival, Brown claimed he knew what this meeting was about and he did not try to steal anything. Brown said he pulled into the household because it was raining after leaving Bell Farms.

Mobley asked Brown if he ever got a tire iron out of his vehicle, while sitting there. Brown told Mobley he could show them everything in his vehicle and that he did not have a tire iron.

Brown opened the driver’s side back door for Mobley and Edmond, while attempting to cover up something. Mobley then noticed a black tire iron under items on the floorboard.

Brown assured Mobley he knew nothing about that, and it was just an item he used for his tires.

Edmond then asked Brown to place his hands behind his back. As Edmond went to cuff Brown, he then attempted to break free and investigators began to struggle with Brown.

Mobley said Brown was attempting to break free because he was also in violation of his probation and did not want to be sent back to jail.

Following his arrest, Mobley was contacted by Lane again, who said he had found footprints leading to his residence if Mobley wanted to photograph them.

Mobley went to the residence a measured the shoe prints and photographed them, before returning to the jail to gather Brown’s shoes as evidence. Brown’s shoes later proved to be an exact match.

Mobley said at this time they do not believe Brown knew the Rich family prior to trying to break in. Brown is also now a suspect in several other Decatur County burglary cases.