New veinfinder now at MHM

Published 2:43 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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The Foundation of Memorial Hospital and Manor provided a donation of $16,627.00, allowing CEO, Jim Lambert, and Memorial Hospital and Manor to purchase new equipment to help provide more comfortable and safer procedures for patients.

One of these, the AccuVein® Vein Finder, facilitates the IV procedure and improves patient care. A difficult IV start creates frustration and anxiety for many patients.  Additionally, our nurses don’t want to cause additional discomfort and stress to the patient from the additional time it takes to make several attempts, or when they feel compelled to find a colleague to assist. Fortunately, nurses at Memorial Hosptial and Manor will now have asolution to alleviate the frustration, stress, and discomfort. The AccuVein® Vein Finder is a portable device that uses vein visualization technology and is designed to help healthcare professionals locate and assess appropriate veins for safe and efficient IV access – even on patients with difficult venous access.  This easy to use vein detection device has been shown to improve first stick success by 98%. 

The second procedure being improved, thanks to the generosity of the Foundation of Memorial Hospital and Manor, is the Verathon Bladderscanner that aids bladder volume measurement. The BladderScan system helps reduce the risk of infections, saves time and reduces costs. With the use of the bladder scanner, patients can be assessed with the scanner instead of the need for a straight catheter. This provides a less invasive treatment with less discomfort for the patient.

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A national hospital survey examined prevention practices in use between 2005 and 2009. While catheter acquired urinary tract infection (CAUTI) prevention practices remain a priority, the only practice used by 50% or more of the hospitals is a portable bladder volume ultrasound, similar to the BladderScan system that nurses at Memorial Hospital and Manor will now have available to them. This system will play a key role in helping acute care nurses at Memorial Hospital and Manor eliminate unnecessary urinary (Foley) catheterization and to reduce the possibility of infections.

The Foundation of Memorial Hospital and Manor was founded in 1989 and has played a critical role in providing funds to the hospital for the purchase of medical equipment and hospital renovations.  “We’d like to thank the Foundation and chairperson Charlotte Davis for their generosity and proactive approach to keeping our equipment up to date and allowing our hospital to expand and improve our services for decades,” said Memorial Hospital CEO Jim Lambert.