A Gift for a World Away

Published 2:55 pm Friday, June 19, 2020

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About a year ago I saw where someone on social media was able to send a care package to a deployed soldier and they began corresponding.

I instantly wanted to read more about this story, as the girl who sent the package was near my age. It turned out she went on a website and found where she could be assigned a commander’s unit and send gifts to them. The website would provide her with the address and a list of products the unit would like. They told her the unit may not correspond, but it was always possible.

In her case, the unit did respond and sent pictures of them using some of the facemasks she had sent them, among other skin products.

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I was hooked. I thought what she did was amazing, and especially for soldiers who may not often receive mail.

Upon getting my stimulus check a few months back, I saved some of the money and mailed a package to a deployed soldier.

I went to the website anysoldier.com and found a mostly female unit, who could not come home due to the COVID-19 crisis and for many in the unit, it was their first deployment.

I took a quick glance, and went to Walmart and bought almost everything on their list.

I found facemasks, hair products, deodorant, laundry pods, mac ‘n cheese cups, beef jerky, protein bars and many other requested items.

I was so excited to do this. It wasn’t about me and what I was doing; I was mostly just thrilled that these women, who have put everything on the line would soon be getting a surprise.

I mailed the package off the first week of May and waited for an update. Finally, the weekend of Memorial Day I saw the package had arrived in Kuwait.

It couldn’t have arrived at a better time; there was no better way in my mind to thank a soldier on Memorial Day than by a care package.

I understand I probably won’t receive any notes or correspondence, but that doesn’t matter to me. I know what they are doing is far more important than writing a note back to me.

I realize money is tight right now, but I highly encourage anyone with any extra dollars they may find to visit this website and send a package.

I think about all the soldiers out there who may not have family or a wife or kids to send them anything and it breaks my heart. They put their life on the line for people they don’t even know, and may often never hear a single thank you or even a word of encouragement.

It’s not about the items sent or even the quantity, more than anything it’s just about sending them a note to let them know, you’re praying for their safety and thank them for their service and you hope the little contribution you made can help them make an impossible situation somewhat more comfortable.