Local stores say home projects on the rise

Published 2:58 pm Friday, April 17, 2020

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While many businesses have closed due to the stay-at home order in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and unemployment figures are skyrocketing, home improvement businesses are doing very well in Bainbridge.

Emmett Dollar, at Stone’s Home Stores, said they have seen a major increase in business there for items involving home improvement and the garden center. He figures most of the home improvement work is being done by the homeowners themselves, perhaps not wanting people inside their homes; while contractors doing new construction are continuing to do well. Basically, it is anything that can be done outside, he explained.

Stones said that while business is up, they’re experiencing some personnel issues, as some of the older workers, or those with vulnerability have chosen to stay home; but Stone’s is definitely open for business and doing well.

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Home Depot’s parking lots are always full, and though no local comment was available and a referral to the corporate office produced no results, it is a personal observation that the parking lot at Home Depot is always full, and people are seen carrying out all sorts of products for home maintenance and sanitation as well as garden products.

Jeff Jeter at In the Garden, says “We have been very busy – more than usual.” He said people are staying outside and staying apart as they browse the flowers, trees and plants available and his workers are going the extra mile to take care of the customers. They assist them as best they can while staying apart and taking care of payments so people do not have to go inside if they choose not to. They even offer call ahead service and will place the requested items outside the fence for pickup, if necessary.

He said his customers have told him they are so thankful he is staying open. Several have told him it is like therapy to them to be able to come walk around the outdoor gardens and just absorb the beauty of it all. They are buying and planting. Jeter said that while he has performed limited lawn maintenance work in the past, he is not able to do so at this time because he is just too busy at the garden center.