How are you using your time?

Published 2:55 pm Friday, March 27, 2020

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Spending time at home for a while, and as I also am working from home, I do not find it too boring.

After all, I have the two dogs, and I have Ron, and what one doesn’t think of, the others do.

When you consider I have worked for the past 17 years, then you have to know my house is in need of deep cleaning therapy. Kitchen drawers, clothes closets and the pantry are all over flowing and now is the time to do some weeding out.

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Speaking of weeding, there are also the gardens and the potted plants filled with dead flowers from last season. How I long to go buy new plants and put some color back in my life. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done out there.

Ron has become so bored that aside from his daily runs to Walmart, he is filling his hours digging up old roots from the trees that were taken down by the hurricane. Then, maybe we can put in new landscaping.

Oh, and I nearly forgot about the garage. It is a total disaster. We recently went through some interior work that necessitated moving some furniture and boxes of “stuff” to the garage. And, it is all still there – along with an accumulation of empty shipping boxes and God only knows what else.

I look forward to the mail every day, hoping it will bring me some good news. I am receiving many catalogues, and I love to do what I call “window shopping” thru the books, circling things I wish I could purchase, if only…….

Once in awhile I find an item that is too good to ignore. Recently I found two blouses on sale at one of my favorite retailers and they were ON SALE!!  I suggested to Ron that I order them quickly before they disappear. His response was, “Where will you wear them?” A legitimate question considering I am currently under “house arrest” for who knows how long this dreaded Coronavirus will last. But, this won’t last forever, Right?

Someday it will all be over. We will return to our jobs, our meetings, our art shows, our restaurants and all the places we love to go. And I will have something to wear.

And you know what? I will probably return to normal, that is to say, everything will still be a jumble here at home.

Need to go now, I have a new E-book to read.