Brinson holds annual community picnic

Published 1:49 pm Friday, February 28, 2020

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Brinson area residents extend their thanks and appreciation to the Brinson Community Club members for hosting its annual town picnic, Saturday, February 22nd.  For the sixth year running Brinson folk, their family and friends, were treated to a scrumptious feast with an inspiring variety of food.  Fried catfish, mullet, chicken and racoon, baked racoon with sweet potatoes, (the prettiest, most colorful dish apart from the desserts), pulled pork, barbecued whole hog, (1 each domestic and wild), smoked chicken wings along with every conceivable side dish were mounded on the tables and served everyone to their fill.  This year the unexpected specials were curried ribs and curried goat.  When Issac Cull lifted the lid on the goat the most wonderful, exotic aroma of long-simmered curry wafted in the breeze and all who had gathered around for a peek sighed an “Ahhh” in unison!  While the men of the Brinson Community Club were in charge of the meats, their wives fixed the side dishes and desserts.  When asked when she finally finished all her cooking for this impressive event, Helen Belvin, wife of BCC President, Joe Belvin laughed, “Just this morning!”

Brinson friends and family look forward to this event every year and many make a long trek to attend.  Dan Williams, who was raised in Brinson and currently resides in Hinesville, comes early every year in order to prepare for his catfish fry.  An especially large fryer is always available to him in Brinson, and, as Williams says, “All I have to bring from home is my special seasoning!”

The Brinson Community Club was formed a number of years ago to help friends and neighbors who had fallen on hard times, especially those who had lost loved ones.  Membership is open and those interested in joining or making donations should contact Joe Belvin.

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The picnic is a time of wonderful food and fellowship.  As Rev. Sanders, of the Brinson Antioch Church prayed over the food, “We ask for unity in our relationships and community …and to love one another as Jesus told us….” 

The Brinson Community Club Annual Picnic brings Brinson together in this spirit.