BPS holds taser certification

Published 4:16 pm Friday, February 21, 2020

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On Wednesday, February 19th, Bainbridge Public Safety’s three newest officers took part in the Basic TASER CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) Certification Course at Public Safety Headquarters. The 8-hour course, taught by Captain Ryan Wimberley, uses both printed and visual materials to instruct officers on the correct usage and deployment of the Axon X26P TASER CEW. Officers Kyle Wilford, Michael Bush, and Trent Olhausen participated in the course on Wednesday, and were taught CEW tactics, aiming and probe placement, use of force, and de-escalation.

In order to complete the course, every Bainbridge Public Safety officer is required to pass a written test with a score of 100. They also must physically demonstrate CEW safe handling techniques including aiming, deployment, and loading/unloading. To receive certification as a CEW handler, the final step an officer must complete is to take part in “Voluntary Exposure.” This means that the officer has to be “tased” – hit with electrically charged probes that pierce through the clothes creating neuromuscular incapacitation of the body. According to Wimberley, “Voluntary exposure helps ensure that an officer better understands the effects of being hit with a CEW.” He continued, “I’m pleased to announce that Officers Wilford, Bush, and Ohausen have successfully completed Axon X26P TASER CEW training requirements, and join all of our other officers as certified CEW operators.”

Wimberley stated that once certified, it’s a requirement for every Bainbridge Public Safety officer to participate in CEW re-certification, held annually during the month of February. This week, the 4-hour refresher course is taking place on Thursday and Friday, and will continue on Thursday and Friday of next week to allow officers on all four shifts a chance to re-certify.

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