A gift of love- a gorilla

Published 3:05 pm Friday, February 14, 2020

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Several years ago when I was wondering what to buy my husband for Valentine’s Day I saw a large stuffed Gorilla in the window of a local florist. It was decked out with a large red and valentine themed ribbon around its neck.

For some odd reason I decided it would be great fun to buy it and have it delivered to my husband’s office as a surprise.

He was working at Coldwell Banker Realty at that time and was out of the office when the delivery came.

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I heard later that the ladies in the office were quite taken with it and had fun placing  it in his chair behind his desk so he would see it as soon as he came in.

Well, he was a bit bewildered by it, but definitely surprised. And he knew he was loved.

We still have the gorilla. It reclines in the guest bedroom and is used frequently as a way to ward off the dogs when placed in front of the door. Our overnight guests are all advised to use it as well.

Not one of our dogs has ever liked it and it definitely works as a canine deterrent.

Naturally, after all these years it is accumulating dust and the ribbon has long since come off; so when it isn’t doing guard service it is very much in the way.

I have attempted to give it away to young family members, but have had no takers for some reason. Come on people. It is a gift of love. Just ask my husband how much he cherishes the Gorilla.

This year I will remind him of that glorious day he received my gift of love in the form of a huge Gorilla for Valentine’s Day.

Wishing all our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day and weekend.