14 kids take part in first-ever Bainbridge youth wrestling event

Published 2:48 pm Friday, February 7, 2020

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The Bainbridge Decatur County Recreation Authority began a new wrestling program in December that is led by director, Scott Morehouse. Over the weekend, Morehouse hosted an in-house tournament for the 14 participants to wrestle against each other.

Morehouse said the wrestlers began practicing on December 31, and have only had 20 hours of practice, but all of them did great over the weekend and he was incredibly proud of the progress each and every one of them have made.

The wrestlers range from ages 5-11. Despite the age difference, Morehouse said all of the kids really go after it on the mat.

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Morehouse was thrilled when the BDCRA asked him to join in and help lead the program. He has coached the middle school wrestling team for approximately five years and seen how other middle and high schools have wrestling programs that feed into them.

“When we get wrestlers who are just competing for the first time in middle school or freshman year of high school, they are already behind, but this allows us to now be on that same level of competition,” Morehouse said.

BDCRA executive assistant, Loree McConnell, said Morehouse has been phenomenal in coaching the students.

“He has brought a standard and discipline to the program that many parents are pleased with,” McConnell said. “He has been complimented with his ability to connect with the wrestlers and coach them in a positive manner at all times, while not expecting them to do anything he is not able to do himself.”

Morehouse knows he can’t be with all 14 wrestlers at once, so he has enlisted the help of one middle school wrestler and five high school wrestlers to show kids the wrestling moves he presents during practice. However, he said parents are his biggest helpers.

“I couldn’t ask for better parents,” Morehouse said. “They are really involved and always helping the kids out.”

Morehouse said parents will get out on the mat and help their child practice, even if they’ve never had any experience.

Morehouse really appreciates the help he’s had and is even more appreciative to the BDCRA for now offering this program. He hopes to see a continual growth in it and open up more children to the world of wrestling.