Out of chaos comes a new order

Published 4:39 pm Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Our house has been undergoing some updating since January began. We have lived there since June of 2003, and it was definitely time.

Actually, it was way past time. When we first moved in we realized it was a bit small—actually we downsized 1200 square feet from our prior residence. We promised each other we would either move in a year when we found something bigger and better, or we would make some adjustments to the house, making it better suited to our needs.

The first project we wanted to take on was to open up the wall between the living room and dining room—thus making the small dining room appear more accommodating for our large furniture and improve the traffic flow when we entertain. We talked about it, but never moved forward. In the meantime, we became very satisfied with our neighborhood, and spent much time developing the back yard and gardens. We didn’t want to leave.

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Fast forward 16 years. It took a hurricane and two accidental discharges of water at each end of the house to force us into action.  Since we had to replace flooring in the kitchen, the front entryway, living room, one bedroom, and a hallway, we decided it was the perfect time to go ahead and get the wall opened up before we did the flooring.

And so it began.

I am a person who does not like things to be out of order. I don’t like moving furniture around, or packing up dishes etc. Luckily friends have helped us pack items and paint the new spaces.

As we took drawers out of tables and cleaned up closet floors, I realized how very much “stuff” we have accumulated over 16 years. This effort is almost as good as moving, as we are forced to thin out papers, magazines, and many useless items.

I have also worried about how my two dogs would handle all the mess, change and having new people in the house. But, I am happy to report, they have taken it all in stride—far better than I, I fear.

Our workers have all been great. They have been careful, considerate and competent.  They have been patient with the presence of the dogs.

The work has moved forward with great speed, and each day I leave work excited to see the progress made. Then, each night we continue packing and emptying spaces.

I know when it is all done we will be much the better for it. All I have to do is stay positive, patient and open to different perspectives.

Ah, yes. That is the trick. In the meantime I am trying to remember where we have stored items I need.

Now, where did that dustpan go?