High hopes for high scores in Super Bowl

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I’m more excited to see this year’s Super Bowl than I have been for a while. When the Falcons went in 2017 was probably the peak of my enthusiasm. We all know how badly that one ended. Enthusiasm: gone.

But Super Bowl XLV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will feature some of the most exciting players, coaches and offenses we’ve seen this year in the NFL.

My favorite player to watch has been Patrick Mahomes. Can anyone else honestly say he hasn’t been theirs? The way he’s able to pull off these miraculous plays is an adrenaline rush for fans of football. He doesn’t just turn nothing into something, he turns nothing into 6 points. Few players have the “it” factor right now in the league like Mahomes does.

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid has been to the Super Bowl before as a head coach with the Philly Eagles. Unfortunately, the man met a young Tom Brady and got beaten by the Patriots machine. This is another opportunity for one of the best coaches in the league, and I think he has a better shot than ever at the Lombardi Trophy. Seeing his majestic blond mustache shine underneath the Hard Rock Stadium lights in Miami will be a treat.

On the other side of the field, the young whipper-snapper Kyle Shannahan has also seen a Super Bowl before… as offensive coordinator of the Falcons. His highly questionable and criticized play calls toward the end of that game is one of the reasons fans claim Atlanta lost that one with a 28-3 lead. Some fans don’t want to see Shannahan win a Super Bowl somewhere else. Some fans hope his team loses in a landslide. I don’t know who those fans could be, but the thought of him winning a Super Bowl for another team makes them nauseous. Again, no idea who these fans are. I’m just saying.

It’s funny, because the one thing Shannahan and the Falcons needed to do to win that Super Bowl—run the ball—is all he calls for the 49ers. San Francisco pummeled Green Bay with a relentless run game in the NFC Championship. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hardly threw the ball at all throughout the night.

I am still mulling over who I think will realistically win the whole thing. The Chiefs have Mahomes. The 49ers have Shannahan. In my dream world, I’d love for this Super Bowl to be as offensive-driven as possible. I’d love a 56-49 type of final score. Entertain me!