County to consider Sunday alcohol sales

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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The Decatur County Board of Commissioners talked about the potential of joining Bainbridge and Climax in allowing Sunday alcohol sales throughout the rest of the county.

Nicole Wells, owner of the Nic’s Quick Stop locations on Shotwell Street and Vada Road, addressed the board on Tuesday with concerns about a loss in sales for convenience stores located farther out in the county.

“This Sunday we had to close early because the business revenue was down,” said Wells. “They bypass the county stores and go on into the city to buy everything in one stop.”

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That includes everything from gas and food to alcoholic beverages, she said. The City of Bainbridge approved the sale of alcohol within the city limits in December. The referendum was on the ballot and voted on by residents during last year’s election cycle. Climax voted to approve Sunday alcohol sales in 2018.

“Climax is already doing it and the City of Bainbridge is doing it,” said commissioner George Anderson. “Decatur County needs to get in line with the City of Bainbridge. We are all in this county together.”

Commissioner Greg Murray said businesses in the Faceville area often lose sales to Florida.

Wells said she and others in her area have started a petition to show the support for Sunday alcohol sales, with 300 signatures already signed. If the Decatur County Board of Commissioners were to vote in favor of allowing Sunday alcohol sales, it would need to be voted on by Decatur County residents after that.

The Board of Commissioners agreed to continue its conversation about Sunday alcohol sales at later meetings.