Farewell to an outstanding quarterback

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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It appears Tua is headed to the NFL.

As much as I thought he would come back for another year at Alabama, get healthy, set more records and make another title run, it makes the most sense for the Hawaiian gunslinger to pursue a career in football.

There was much fanfare around his decision. First, it was speculated on all throughout the 2019 season and talked about constantly. Analysts provided information on the reasons for staying and the reasons for going. Tua and Saban kept their mouths mostly shut about it all year.

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When it was announced they would be together at a press conference on Monday to announce what was next, the speculation became even more rampant. Saban being next to Tua could mean only one thing: he was staying! But no, it could also be to show his support for the young man as he announces his intention to enter the 2020 draft. Both these perspectives were repeated ad nauseum, and everything in between, for a good 24 hours. Nobody even bothered to wonder if the Coke bottle on the podium would be there. It was.

Tua will hopefully recover from his hip injury through the year. Best case scenario, he’ll be holding a clipboard for a team like the Miami Dolphins starting next season and be the heir apparent behind center once he’s fully healed. I just hope he can maintain the level of play he had throughout his stellar college career. He’s going to be a fun quarterback to watch if he does.

Now, as a Georgia fan, my eyes have turned from Tuscaloosa to Athens. As of Tuesday afternoon, there is no word on whether Fromm will announce for the NFL draft. If there was an amount of speculation on whether Tua should enter the draft, you can double it for Fromm. It’s also brought out a nasty side to Georgia fans that I am disappointed to see. Fromm has noticeably regressed since his freshman season, but I have to believe a second year in Coley’s system (who fans just have to accept isn’t going anywhere right now) will help him get his magic touch back. Not to mention all the talent he’ll have to throw to.

The rumor is Fromm will announce his decision at the Georgia v. Kentucky basketball game on Tuesday night. If you’re reading this Wednesday, and you happen to know for a fact that Fromm is officially returning as a Dawg, then look out; Georgia will have the most experienced roster in the country next season. Maybe that means nothing to most of y’all, but I certainly think it counts for something.

NFL Coaching Search

Baylor coach Matt Rhule is reportedly heading to Carolina to coach the Panthers on a 7-year, $60 million deal.


The man has done a wonderful job of turning around the Baylor football program after it was left in ruins from the previous, immoral iteration of the team. Rhule was hired to be the opposite of Art Briles—a guy that made sure players played by the rules, a culture of accountability and respect. It worked, and the Bears were playing in the Sugar Bowl a week ago.

So Rhule suddenly leaving has to be a hard hit in the face for Baylor fans. I never can tell whether a college coach will do well in the NFL, so I’m not going to predict how his tenure at Carolina will go. But I do respect his ability as a coach, even if he does wear some pretty dorky outfits on the sideline.

Over in Dallas, the Cowboys are welcoming Super Bowl-winner Mike McCarthy to the head coaching position. McCarthy won the Big One up at Green Bay and ole Jerry Jones thinks he’s got enough left in the tank for another one. I wouldn’t expect all of the Cowboys troubles to be solved so soon, but I am looking forward to what Dak Prescott does in the new system. Former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett appears to be going to the offensive coordinator position at the New York Giants. Some might call that landing on your feet. I call that jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.