Alabama kicker doesn’t deserve hate

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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It was a hard weekend for Alabama fans, but it was an even more difficult weekend for Joseph Bulovas.

Bulovas missed the field goal attempt that would have tied the Alabama vs. Auburn game and sent the rivalry into overtime more than likely.

Bulovas kicked a 43- yarder earlier in the game, and is 8-for-11 on field goal attempts this season. Yet, no one looked at that record or his earlier kick; all everyone could do was blame this young man. No one wanted to admit that the Alabama defense gave up 48 points… the only words uttered were that it was Bulovas’ fault.

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I hate Auburn, and I would’ve loved nothing more than to decorate my Christmas tree on Saturday while watching the Tide roll over them, but that just wasn’t in the cards this year. But, not once did I blame Bulovas for that, and you shouldn’t either.

The game is a team effort, and even more than that, if we were truly as good as we say, then there’s no reason it should’ve come down to that final play.

People gave Bulovas so much flak and sent him so many vulgar messages, he felt inclined to write a message to the entire fan base.

For those on Twitter, his tweet instantly went viral.

“After reflecting on the game, I just wanted to express my apologies to the entire Crimson Tide nation. Nobody was more disappointed than myself. Regardless of the circumstances, that is a kick I should make in my sleep and nobody is as big of a critic as I am of myself. To the fans, my coaches and my teammates; I promise you will never see a guy work as hard as I will for the entirety of my career because I owe that to all of you. I refuse to let this be anything more than a bump in the road and I’m confident I will come back better than ever…”

He goes on to say that this was difficult to take, as he wears his emotions on his sleeve but it will only motivate him.

It honestly broke my heart to have to hear him say all of this. He shouldn’t have to apologize. As much as we care about football, it still at the end of the day is just a game; and he is just a college student, whose plate is full with football, studying, workouts, tutoring and things we probably don’t even know about or care to ask about.

I hope Bulovas knows the same people sending him these nasty messages are the people who probably never had the courage to walk on and try to be a part of any team.

To him I say “hold your head high,” because you’re not the only player who has missed field goals. In fact, you’re one of the many. Alabama has missed 101 field goals since Saban began coaching, making us a champion in missing more than any other program in FBS. So, Bulovas keep that trophy in your back pocket and wish for the real deal trophy next year.