Ole Miss tinkles away the Egg Bowl

Published 3:48 pm Friday, November 29, 2019

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couldn’t believe what I saw.

Did that Ole Miss player really just crawl on all fours and lift his leg to urinate like a dog? It was a chaotic moment, maybe I was seeing things.

Nope, replay showed my eyes weren’t playing any tricks on me. There was a touchdown with less than 5 seconds left on the clock in the Egg Bowl. Ole Miss was an extra point away from sending the game into overtime. And then, to mock your opponent’s mascot, you pretended to relieve yourself like a dog.

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In the moment between that wild touchdown celebration and the extra point kick attempt, I was slapping my knee with laughter. If it was a player on a team that I cheer for celebrating like that, I’d be fuming, but the fact that it was a 5-7 Ole Miss team trying to scrape by their instate rivals on a warm Thanksgiving evening—well that just tickled me. Maybe the pecan pie was hitting me harder than usual.

Unfortunately, Elijah Moore’s crude celebration pushed the extra point attempt back to a 35-yarder. Low and behold, the kick was wide right. It would have been good enough from the normal 20-yard distance. At this point, I was rolling, roaring with laughter.

Mississippi State is now bowl eligible, while Ole Miss’s season will blow away in the wind and likely be forgotten by everyone. Another disappointing year.

Such a shame.