Why did I ever leave Ohio?

Published 3:57 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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just returned from a week in Ohio visiting family.

I love Ohio in the fall. First, there are the beautiful fall colors of the trees—color that just takes your breath away. I cannot get my fill of it.

Then, there is Ohio State Football. The air in Columbus is alive with the Buckeye spirit on game day. I love the Buckeyes, especially this year, when they look like they may be the team to beat.

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But, time spent with family supersedes all other attractions. As I stayed with the eldest son and family in Columbus, my youngest son from Washington DC drove over and spent a long weekend with us. As the two of them joked and kidded with each other I was reminded of the days of their youth. We all relived several memories. It is interesting how they tend to regress to the ways they interacted as youngsters.

One day was spent in Cincinnati visiting my grandson, a junior at the University there. Although I have passed through Cincinnati many times, this was my first visit to the campus area. I was amazed at how compact the area is and how it is encircled by very steep hills.

Another day was spent in the Hocking Hills on a train trip designed to show off the color and history of the area. For some unknown reason, very few trees had turned there, but riding a train again was fun. I have always loved trains.

No trip to Columbus is complete without going shopping, especially at the huge outdoor Eastland mall near the airport. I really enjoyed going there with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She is the twin sister of the boy in Cincinnati and is maturing nicely. She is a junior at The Ohio State University and lives in an apartment on campus.

Time away from home was relaxing and I looked forward to returning home to share details of my trip; that is until my husband called the day I was to fly home to tell me that the drain on the air conditioner had become plugged up and water had backed up all over one bedroom floor and the hallway.

Following emergency calls to the AC people and the insurance company, ServPro came to the rescue. They placed seven noisy machines in the area — dryers and dehumidifiers. Carpets were cut away and furniture removed. It was total chaos for three days. Welcome Home.!?! There is a song from the old Broadway musical “Wonderful Town” that says, “Why, Oh Why. Oh, Why Oh. Why did I ever leave Ohio?”

Vacations are nice, but reality can set in all too quickly on returning home.

At least the dogs were happy to see me,

Now begins the search for workers to replace the flooring.