Dawgs have problems to work out

Published 3:05 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened in college football last weekend.

Nope. Nothing to see here. In fact, we can pretty much forget Week 7 ever happened. All who want to see those games wiped from the record say, “Aye.”


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OK. Fine. I’ll talk about Georgia losing to South Carolina.

Clearly the Dawgs have some problems to work out. That might be putting it mildly. I’ve never been one to slam the panic button too fast or too hard when Georgia comes out a little flat, but I have to admit I am concerned. Jake Fromm did not look like himself, the play calling was dull and uninspired and the characteristically slow start turned into a slow 60-minutes. South Carolina made every play it needed to make to win the game. The two biggest moments of the game were when the Gamecocks blocked a Georgia field goal and when Fromm threw a pick-6. That’s the game right there.

Georgia will hopefully bounce back against Kentucky, but Florida is looking like it will be a tougher and tougher opponent by the week.

Speaking of Florida, I was impressed with the Gators keeping up with LSU for the majority of the game. Eventually LSU was able to pull away and win by a margin I expected. I think the Tigers have the best resume in college football right now and should be considered the No. 1 team in the country. It’s amazing how big of a leap a team can make when the head coach hires a talented, creative offensive coordinator and lets him do his thing.