Are the Gators really that good?

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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There were seven combined turnovers in last Saturday’s game between Florida and Auburn.

The final score ended up being much, much lower than I would have thought. Perhaps I thought freshman Auburn quarterback would have his big coming out party in Gainesville. Instead, he threw three interceptions and completed less than half his passes.

Florida quarterback Kyle Trask had a much better day. The Gators defense also looks like something fierce. However, I’m still not sold on this team. If a game ever came down to where Florida needed to rely on its offense to score big points, I don’t think they can. The Gators will need a lot of points to beat Georgia, because that game will not be as low scoring as their turnover duel against Auburn. I guess any lingering questions I might have will be answered this Saturday when the Gators go to LSU.

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Elsewhere in the SEC, Tennessee put a little scare into the hearts of Georgia fans everywhere when the Vols jumped to a 14-10 lead in the second quarter. Fortunately, Tennessee wouldn’t score another point for the rest of the night, while Georgia would tack on another 33. Vol quarterback Brandon Maurer got off to a really hot start, hitting a wide open receiver deep (Georgia busting coverage was to blame there) and connecting with another receiver after a very methodical drive down the field. Then the Dawgs clamped down, and there was nowhere for Maurer to go other than straight into the grass. I’ll admit that the Volunteers’ best chance of winning more games this season is with Maurer under center. But looking at the schedule ahead for the Vols, winning might be a tough task,

Up north, Wisconsin has become my new favorite to win the Big 10 West and challenge Ohio State in the conference championship. The Badgers play old school, smash mouth football. Running back Jonathan Taylor is an absolute beast and such a fun player to watch. It will be a tough test to overcome the Buckeyes, who also look dominant in every facet of the game, but I have Wisconsin among the teams most likely to beat them.

Baseball Corner

I ask you this: how in the world do the Braves not score a single run with the bases loaded… TWICE!

Monday night’s NLDS game between Atlanta and St. Louis had me ripping my grayed hair straight out of my scalp. The Braves give up three runs, then roar back to a 4-3 lead. After that, nada. The heart of the Braves’ batting order couldn’t get hits to save their lives. Freddie Freeman is on a dry spell and it is costing the Braves crucial runs. Ronald Acuña needs to sprint to first base like a lion is chasing him every time he puts the ball in play, regardless of where he hit it. The pitching rotation is not the strongest, but they are doing everything they can to hold on and give the Braves a chance. But when the offense face plants like it did Monday, there isn’t much hope.

As you can tell, I’m a little frustrated with the Braves right now. Still, I love this team, and I think they can win Game 5 Wednesday and make it to the NLCS for the first time in years. They just have to produce at the plate and not leave any more runners stranded!