Getting started on a new running regiment this fall

Published 3:54 pm Tuesday, September 24, 2019

There is a slight chill in the air each morning and that can only mean one thing; fall is on its way. With fall brings the best time of the year to exercise outside. If you are planning on running off the few extra pounds that crept on over the summer, there are a few things you need to know.

First off, running is hard on your body, you shouldn’t just take off and run a 5k on your first try. If it truly is your first time running you need a firm foundation of walking first. If you can’t walk a mile without significant pain, you shouldn’t attempt to run one (unless a bear is chasing you). 

For a novice, a walk to run program is recommended which incorporates short spurts of jogging into your walks, and eventually leads to walking short spurts during your runs over a period of several months. There are numerous programs readily available online.

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Experienced runners are more likely to increase their distance faster than newbies. A general rule of thumb to avoid overuse injuries such a stress fractures or shin splints is to not increase your distance more than 10 percent each week.  If you have a recent injury that prevents you from running or changes the way you run, it’s best to wait 6-10 days to allow for this to have time to heal. If it changes the way you walk you may consider seeking medical attention if it does not improve in 6 days.

For obvious emergencies, please do not wait 6 days because you read this article. If your foot is facing backwards, go to the ER.

Starting a new exercise plan can be overwhelming.  Each individual has a different goal, it may not be that you aspire to run a half marathon, you might just want to shed a few extra pounds and don’t know how to get started.  If you have questions regarding beginning an exercise program or starting back on one, please contact the physical therapy staff at Memorial Rehabilitation Services at 229-243-8124 or find us on Facebook.