Georgia Farm Bureau, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield announce partnership for multiple employer self-insured health plan

Published 2:38 pm Friday, September 6, 2019

Governor Kemp and the Department of Insurance announced the partnership between Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Georgia Farm Bureau—a license granted to the Georgia Farm Bureau Member Health Program Trust to operate as a “Multiple Employer Self-Insured Health Plan” in Georgia.

The new Georgia Farm Bureau Member Health Program will provide better health insurance coverage, at competitive pricing, to underserved populations all across the state and will become available before the end of the year.

The health program is considered a multiple employer welfare agreement and is an innovative way to address the many challenges faced by Georgians in regard to health care access and affordability.

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Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, President of Georgia Farm Bureau, Gerald Long, Anthem Insurance CEO, Pamela Stahl and Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, John King were in attendance at a recent press conference that was held at the Georgia State Capitol.

Governor Kemp expressed his gratitude for the access this partnership provides, “I certainly want to take this opportunity to thank the Georgia Farm Bureau and Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield for working together. For partnering on this worthwhile endeavor and for listening to the needs of hardworking Georgians in every part of our state.”

The Georgia Farm Bureau Health Care Plan offers potential savings for small business employers who are either a sole proprietor or a group with at least two enrolled and no more than 50 eligible employees that fall within a broad range of agricultural industry SIC codes.

The only other requirement for an employee to participate is that he/she be or become a member of Georgia Farm Bureau.

Georgia Farm Bureau President Gerald Long noted that members of Georgia Farm Bureau have longed asked for health insurance options. “In 1959, Georgia Farm Bureau started an insurance company to meet the insurance needs of its members, particularly those living and working in rural Georgia.  Now, sixty years later, we are partnering with Anthem to continue the tradition of meeting the insurance needs of our members by providing a health insurance program that will reach all areas of Georgia, both rural and urban.”

To become a member of Georgia Farm Bureau, please visit and/or visit the Decatur County office at 501 S. Scout St. in Bainbridge.