My predictions for the three games to watch

Published 2:54 pm Friday, August 30, 2019

Wake up! It’s Saturday!

It has been a long, cruel offseason, but football is finally back, baby.

Today I am picking the three games that interest me the most and talking about them. Let’s go!

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Auburn vs. Oregon – 7:30 p.m., ABC

At the top of my list of games to watch is Auburn vs. Oregon. Throughout a rather dry Week 1 schedule, this game is clearly the marquee matchup. Last year, Auburn beat Washington in Atlanta, and the Ducks are next up in the gauntlet.

The Pac-12 desperately needs to win this game. It’s one of the few chances, if not the only, this conference will have at playing an SEC team this season. Whether you agree that the SEC is a strong conference or not, it’s certainly perceived by the media to be. Having a good showing against Auburn is important to Oregon because it will only help bolster the Pac-12 up as the teams begin their conference schedules. Of course, the theory depends entirely on how Auburn does for the rest of the season. If the Tigers go 4-8 this season, then Oregon beating them Week 1 suddenly doesn’t look as appealing (remember when we all thought it meant something when Alabama beat Florida State a few seasons ago?).

Auburn obviously expects to be competitive in the SEC and compete for a conference championship. While this game has no bearing on whether it can do that or not, winning it will only help the team moving forward in terms of confidence and camaraderie. Also, assuming Auburn does win the SEC Championship, having that Week 1 win will help bolster their resume for the inevitable College Football Playoff discussions.

My prediction: Oregon wins 35-24.

Georgia State vs. Tennessee – 2:30 p.m., ESPNU

You’re likely scratching your head. This game doesn’t look special at all, does it? Maybe to the Bainbridge outsider. The reason I’m including this on my games to watch is for one guy: Roman Harrison! Bainbridge football fans had the absolute pleasure of watching Roman play for the Bearcats last season, where he was a force of nature on defense. Blocked field goals, sacks, big hits, forced fumbles, you name it—he did it all.

Roman is getting a lot of love from the Tennessee football media for his raw strength and impressive showing during fall camp. I’m hoping—no, expecting—Roman to get some serious playing against Georgia State. It’s the perfect opponent to throw a talented freshman like Roman out and see how he does.

We all know how good Roman can be. It will be cool to see the beginnings of what is sure to be a fantastic college football career (and beyond).

But if you don’t have access to the ESPNU channel, I guess you’ll have to catch the highlights online.

My prediction: Tennessee wins 42-7, Roman has a scoop and score.

Florida Atlantic vs. Ohio State – Noon, FOX

I’m curious to watch Ohio State because I want to see quarterback Justin Fields. I was a big fan of Fields when he was at Georgia, but was also a little sour with how he went about leaving the program. Nonetheless, I wish him all the best and think he’s a talented kid.

On the other end, Florida Atlantic is such a wildcard team, I feel like they could sneak up and surprise the Buckeyes out of nowhere. I mean, c’mon, FAU is coached by Lane Kiffin! It would break the college football world in half if the Owls beat Ohio State. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. But it will be a fun game to watch while you get stuff done around the house early Saturday afternoon.

My prediction: Ohio State wins 52-14.