What did we just watch on Saturday night?

Published 2:31 pm Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Last Saturday was the ultimate appetite wetter for the 2019 college football season.

In my last column, I made the analogy that the lineup of the weekend’s games was like an appetizer. It turns out there was really no food to be had. The three smaller games were decent, sure, but the Florida vs. Miami game was devoid of any of the substance I was hoping for. It was a wild, messy, silly game, and it left me malnourished.

It was a close game, but it was a game Florida should have run away with. The No. 8 team in the country was threatened by a final series drive that could have ended in a walk off touchdown, or if Miami hadn’t missed its field goal earlier in the quarter, a walk off field goal.

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Florida could not stop itself from committing multiple defensive pass interference penalties, allowing a limping Cane offense to continue a drive that should’ve ended long before when it finally did. For as good as the Gators defensive front was, the defensive backfield really put the team in a sticky situation.

And about that Florida defensive front… They looked like the 1976 Steelers with how they blew through Miami’s offensive line play after play. I was blown away to find out the Canes were starting a true freshman at left tackle who weighs 285 pounds. That’s a tough spot to be in.

Even still, Miami was able to pull off a few good drives that ended in points. Thankfully, Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks threw it to them twice for good field position.

None of this would matter as much if it weren’t for the hype the Gators have gotten this past offseason about closing the gap to other teams in the conference, predictions they would win the SEC East and Franks being a dark horse Heisman candidate. They have a long way to go. But to be fair, it was Week Zero. The majority of teams would have a long way to go.

If nothing else, the game gave us a great meme—that disappointed Steve Spurrier reaction is gold. So maybe there was something substantial to take away from Saturday’s game.

It’s officially Week One. College football is here. It’s Labor Day Weekend. I couldn’t be more ready.