Woman convicted of perjury during trial

Published 3:06 pm Friday, August 23, 2019

Lashanda Johnson pled guilty Tuesday to Perjury after providing false testimony in the high-profile case of the State v. Nundra, McFadden, and Ousley.  Nundra, McFadden, and Ousley were accused and convicted of murdering beloved community member Hubert Moore, a longtime employee of The Post-Searchlight.

On Oct. 26, 2017, Defendant Nundra fatally shot Mr. Moore with a handgun provided by Defendant Ousley.  The three Defendants were tried in February 2018. 

During the trial, Lashanda Johnson attempted to provide a false alibi for the shooter, Nundra. On Cross-Examination, District Attorney Joe Mulholland elicited testimony that proved Johnson was lying based on jail records and phone calls between Nundra and Johnson.  Johnson was indicted for Perjury this summer, and pled Blind (at the mercy of the Court) of the charges.

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Johnson’s Attorney LaRhonda Nicks asked for the Court to impose a sentence of probation. District Attorney Mulholland demanded a lengthy incarceration. Superior Court Heather H. Lanier sentenced Johnson to 10 years, 4 to serve in the State Penitentiary.

“The Defendant blatantly lied under oath in order to impede the ends of justice,” said Mulholland. “Had she been successful, Hubert Moore’s murderer might have gone free.  We are very pleased that Judge Lanier imposed the sentence she did. This should serve as a reminder that taking an oath to tell the truth is a serious matter and anyone who violates that oath will suffer equally serious consequences.” 

Williams was remanded into custody immediately.