SRTC recognizes distinguished students for Summer 2019 term

Published 3:20 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On August 14, 2019, the administration at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) recognized a total of 180 exceptional students achieving the honor of President’s List and Dean’s List for the Summer 2019 term.

Each semester, SRTC recognizes students who have accomplished high academic achievement through the President’s List.

In order to qualify for the President’s List, students must meet two criteria: earn a grade of “A” in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College.

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The 78 President’s List designees for the 2019 summer semester include:  Mercedes Curles of Adel, Hailey Davis of Alapaha, Michael Brooks of Albany, Camille White of Albany, Katelyn Patterson of Arabi, Rashid Stroud of Bainbridge, Tabbitha Grant of Bainbridge, Thomas Kirksey of Bainbridge, Brandy Henegar of Barney, Joshua Medlin of Bluffton, Bryan Porter of Cairo, Gage Ridley of Cairo, Jennifer Cliett of Cairo, Clayton Sullivan of Cairo, Cameron Sinclair of Calvary, Onterrio Jackson of Camilla, Colby Ponder of Camilla, Anna Batchelor of Coolidge, Gracin Paul of Coolidge, Jameka Grimes of Damascus, Ashley Rogers of Doerun, Pamela Tyson of Doerun, Sylvia Comer of Doerun, Steven Hurne of Enigma, Mickel Withers of Enigma, Stephanie Buckner of Hartsfield, Kaitlyn Wood of Moultrie, Cynthia Peters of Moultrie, Kerri Worth of Moultrie, Jordann Swanner of Moultrie, Haley Reynolds of Moultrie, Shannon Sangster of Moultrie, Ada Anderson of Moultrie, Pham Le of Moultrie, Tankeria Keel of Moultrie, Brett Wilson of Moultrie, Windy Bell of Moultrie, Corey Stripling of Moultrie, Marion Meads of Norman Park, Takayren Brue of Ochlocknee, Amber Scott of Pavo, Courtney Chason of Pelham, Mitchell Malone of Pelham, Charlie Maes of Poulan, Carmen Brewer of Rebecca, William Aldavera of Sale City, Ashley Bell of Sparks, Bryan Schwartz of Tallahassee, Elizabeth Clark of Tallahassee, Mckayla Smith of Thomasville, Timothy Greene of Thomasville, Katie Beckham of Thomasville, Keirra Engram of Thomasville, Debra Little of Thomasville, Garrett Thaggard of Thomasville, Christopher Gay of Thomasville, Alexis Brock of Thomasville, Shamiel Vanterpool of Thomasville, Andrian Brooks of Thomasville, Alison Fletcher of Thomasville, Jada Mobley of Thomasville, Christian Anna Coker of Thomasville, Tracie Washington of Thomasville, Dustin Clark of Thomasville, Matthew Freeman of Thomasville, Haley Stewart of Thomasville, Joseph Payan of Tifton, Clint Morgan of Tifton, Alana Johnson of Tifton, Cynthia Shirah of Tifton, Taylor Dean of Tifton, Jerica Johnson of Tifton, Abigail Woodall of Tifton, Robert Giddens of Tifton, Ramon Lagunas of Tifton, Angel Medina of Tifton, Rebecca Marshall of Tifton, and Ronald Hurst of Whigham.

To qualify for Dean’s List students must have completed between 9 and 11 semester credit hours and have earned an A in all coursework attempted. 102 students received this designation for the 2019 summer semester.

Students earning Dean’s list designation were: Bradlee Thomas of Albany, Savannah Bulger of Bainbridge, Becky Elkins of Bainbridge, Trey Mock of Bainbridge, Mickael Sanders of Bainbridge, Calvin McCoy of Blakely, Delandra Walker of Boston, Rydge Ansley of Cairo, Kaleb Mozingo of Cairo, Ashley Williams of Cairo, Elisha McDaniel of Cairo, Keasley McIntyre of Cairo, Brooke Frantz of Cairo, Mindy Clark of Cairo, Laura Maxwell of Cairo, Ashleigh Bell of Camilla, Kimberly Norris of Camilla, Ruthann Strickland of Colquitt, Harley Shiver of Colquitt, Mckayla Skinner of Dixie, Tasha Green of Doerun, Kevin Norton of Doerun, Harley McDaniel of Donalsonville, Thomas Turney of Donalsonville, Randall Nipper of Enigma, Tanara Soots of Enigma, Marcus Bryant of Havana, Courtney Davis Whittington of Homerville, Jessica Anderson of Lenox, Alex Perez-Ocampo of Macon, Kristen Miller of Monticello, Guadalupe Serna of Monticello, Tammy Wilson of Moultrie, Sara Brown of Moultrie, Michael Arenas of Moultrie, Cynthia Baisden of Moultrie, Beverly Suggs of Moultrie, David Alderman of Moultrie, Fausto Resendiz-Quintanilla of Moultrie, Javier Alonso of Moultrie, Jonathan Florencio of Moultrie, Marla Wetherington of Moultrie, Laura Sanchez of Moultrie, Alaina Ricks of Moultrie, Alejandro Cisneros-Martinez of Moultrie, Elayna Marchant of Moultrie, Dylan Evarts of Moultrie, Keyonna Brown of Moultrie, Alyssa Smith of Moultrie, Jessica Charles of Moultrie, James Black of Moultrie, Diana Hernandez of Moultrie, Kayla Blount of Moultrie, Jonathan Sims of Moultrie, Christopher Wilson of Nashville, Leah Stanaland of Norman Park, Chance Turner of Norman Park, Linda Mendez of Norman Park, Brianna Mines of Norman Park, Tatianna Jaynes of Ochlocknee, Sarah Wilson of Ochlocknee, Jada Bennett of Pavo, Claudia Santos-Hernandez of Pavo, Jessica Flowers of Pavo, Ashley Hobbs of Pitts, Darrell Edwards of Poulan, Temeka Reddick of Quitman, Ryan Barber of Quitman, Yajaira Padilla of Sale City, Tanner Duckworth of Sumner, Shaniqua Scott of Sycamore, Virginia Lamb of Sylvester, Bryan Miller of Tallahassee, Glenda Moore of Thomasville, Sydney Allday-Waldron of Thomasville, Kellie Dennis of Thomasville, Keytrio Denmark of Thomasville, Shane Giffin of Thomasville, Ricky Carter of Thomasville, Sherriona Jackson of Thomasville, Rachelle Hester of Thomasville, Michael Mitchum of Thomasville, Zacchaeus Moton of Thomasville, Rachel Swords of Thomasville, Mitchell Brumbley of Thomasville, Janesa Jones of Thomasville, Jordan Baugham of Thomasville, Emory Dean of Thomasville, Alicia Croft of Thomasville, Morgan Gandy of Thomasville, Caleb Rice of Tifton, Robert Cothren of Tifton, Hunter Henderson of Tifton, Erin Page of Tifton, Felecia Applewhite of Tifton, Jessica Harmon of Tifton, Shellice Skeen of Tifton, Shelby Garren of Tifton, Kristen Morris of Valdosta, Kaylee Odom of Warwick, Zacharius Gibson of Whigham, and Jason Gayle of Whigham.

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