Authorities searching for missing girl

Published 7:19 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Saturday morning at approximately 4:35 a.m. Bainbridge Public Safety responded to an accident, involving a missing juvenile, who fled the scene on foot.

BPS Officer Tarow Barney arrived on scene as another driver, Mecca Miller also arrived on scene. Barney spoke to the owner of a Ford truck, Yvon Gabriel, who said a female subject backed into his vehicle.

Barney spoke to the subject, later identified as missing juvenile, Timerria Casteel, who stated Miller was the driver that struck Gabriel’s truck. Barney knew Miller was not the driver, due to the fact he saw arrive at the same time. However, Barney asked Miller for her license and continued his investigation of the accident.

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Upon finishing the accident investigation, Barney turned his attention to Casteel, who said her name was Tokorya Jeffery. Casteel reportedly had trouble spelling out her name, remembering her date of birth and was not in the system.

Barney asked her again for her name and she stated it was really Tranae Carter. Barney then asked her why she lied about Miller driving the vehicle, and she stated it was because she didn’t have her license and thought with Miller driving the outcome would be different.

Barney asked Casteel to put her hands behind her back. While reaching for handcuffs, Casteel ran off on foot. Barney pursued her, however he lost her when she approached the intersection of Bruton Street and Perry Street and ran near a wooded area.

Barney, along with other officers, searched the wooded area and were unable to locate her.

Barney knew Miller’s vehicle to occasionally be parked at an address on Campbell Street, so he advised officers to search the street for Casteel. When they arrived at the location, the vehicle involved in the accident was there. Miller was again questioned and stated she did not know Casteel. Officers asked Miller why she took the car from the scene without permission, and she claimed it was to protect her sister’s car.

With little information, BPS Sgt. Charles Strickland posted on BPS Facebook page asking if anyone knew Casteel’s identity. Strickland received multiple tips that the girl’s identity was Timerria Casteel.

Casteel was reported missing in March, so Strickland contacted the father, who confirmed that was his daughter.

It has since been noted that Casteel ran away from home and has been staying at various homes without the permission of her parents. She is currently 16 years old, and has been avoiding school and being recognized in public.

Strickland said they are seeking out Casteel, but have been unsuccessful so far. For any information on her location, contact Strickland at 229-726-4742.