Marking my calendar

Published 2:43 pm Friday, August 16, 2019

Thursdays are always busy around the office. We have a small break from the Wednesday paper, but are preparing rapidly for the Saturday paper. However, this past Thursday was particularly a rush of energy. Everyone in the newsroom had something to cover after the doors locked at 5 p.m.

Powell and Carolyn set about to the Board of Education meeting and The Firehouse Arts Center, while I headed to the Bearcat Diamonds before quickly changing and also attending the American Two Year Anniversary party.

I thrive on the energy put into events, and Thursday night made me feel like Bainbridge isn’t this little town it once was; it is bursting onto the scene.

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When I interned in Savannah, it felt as if every night was some fundraiser or 5k or picnic. Now, it feels that way here.

Saturday we had the Second Saturday of the Month, Wednesday we had a ribbon cutting, Thursday was something for every type of person. Those interested in scholastic updates could attend the BOE meeting, those interested in sports could watch a ballgame, those interested in culinary and socializing could attend a party and those interested in the arts had an entire exhibit to view.

Now it’s Friday night, and while it may not be as jam packed, there is still something around the corner. There’s the scrimmage game for people to enjoy, but if sports aren’t your interest the exhibit is still open and there is always a Friday night special at the local restaurants.

I sometimes think we don’t give Bainbridge enough credit. I’m guilty of it myself, but on nights like Thursday I think of it as being just as vibrant and energetic as other cities around us. Perhaps, even more vibrant than other local towns.

This is only the beginning; our town is expanding now more than ever and I can only imagine the events that will soon be taking place and making room for them on my ever-growing calendar. I truly am so excited, though and I hope you are too.

I can’t wait for the open –air market and the potential of bands playing and maybe bringing back the farmer’s market.

So, cheers to a busy schedule and a booming Bainbridge full of lively events.