Bainbridge McDonald’s celebrates 45 years

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Forty-five years! and counting… 

Congratulations to T. C. Metzner and McDonald’s of Bainbridge. Mr. Metzner has been the proud franchise owner of McDonald’s since its opening on August 14, 1974. 

In addition to owning McDonald’s of Bainbridge, Mr. Metzner subsequently opened the Thomasville, Cairo, Camilla restaurant locations and a Valdosta location. 

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He is a 1974 graduate of Hamburger University and the Archie Award Winner from his class.  The Bainbridge restaurant set a sales record during the first years for the lowest volume store in the county, which has thankfully reversed through hard work, persistence and the dedication and support of the local communities. 

It was also one of the first McDonald’s east of the Mississippi to have a drive-thru window addition through the inspiration and guidance of Ray Kroc. 

Mr. Metzner was instrumental in the establishment of the local Ronald McDonald House located in Tallahassee.  In 1981, he presented the concept of the rolling billboard that we see every time we pass a McDonald’s supply delivery truck, with many other companies following suit. 

He served as a member of the Downtown Development Program in Bainbridge, and a member of the Economic Development Authority in Decatur County. 

In 1987 he recycled through Hamburger University and graduated as the Gold Hat Award Winner from his class.  He started the A=Cheeseburger program over 30 years ago and now supplies over 4000 report card covers to the elementary and middle schools in Decatur County.  Many people remember him as being their first employer. 

These are just a few of Mr. Metzner’s accomplishments, as they would be too numerous to list all of them in the various communities. 

It has been 45 adventuresome years under the arches in the First Inland Port City. 

Wish him well next time you see him!