Next generation of leaders attend retreat organized by local bank

Published 3:44 pm Friday, August 9, 2019

Wednesday afternoon the First Port City Bank Youth Leadership Program held their annual retreat, where 18 young students were able to greet each other and learn more about their leadership potential.

The program lasts eight months and is sponsored by the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce. It is designed for high school sophomores and juniors who attend school in Decatur County. The program helps students develop leadership skills, provides them with volunteer opportunities, increases awareness of community issues and helps explore city and county resources.

This year the Chamber has instituted the Habitudes curriculum, which is a leadership- focused curriculum used by companies such as Chick-fil-A and Delta. The new curriculum touches on the spectrum of leadership development, from effective communication and conflict- resolution, to the art of listening and empowering team members.

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The half- day retreat was the first step of implementing the new curriculum. It was held at the First Baptist Church Youth Building and focused on identifying each of the students’ individual leadership styles and working together in group dynamics. Each student took a 5-minute personality test that typed them in one of four different personality types. They then learned the strengths and weaknesses of each type and explored how those play out in leadership and working together as a team.

This is only the first of many activities the students will engage in. Chamber President, Lauren Minor said the students will also meet with City and County officials and attend a City Council meeting.

In addition they will do a community service project that has yet to be determined.

In the past the students have also done an agriculture field trip, however with the new curriculum, they are considering other trips as well.

This year’s students include Ashton Aldridge, Mason Ard, Isabella Barnett, Emma Benedict, Emma Briggs, Wyatt Carpenter, Ebony Christmas, Tristan Cochran, Kathryn Cohen, Kaitlin Floyd, Ella Harrell, Lainey McRae, Brent Miller, Brooke Phillips, Marbella Rich, Vivi Schuyler, Abi Surratt and Mary Glenn Warr.

The Chamber, along with First Port City Bank is excited for the new group of students and to develop and sharpen their leadership skills.