Restoration of downtown building completed by PDC Construction

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Friday night Day Management/ PDC Construction held an open house at the newly renovated downtown building, once known as the Wynn Department Store and Eagle Saloon, and visitors were in awe of the amazing restorations.

PDC Construction owner, Doug Young and wife, Sherry bought the property back in August of 2018 and began work on it in September.

However, following the aftermath of Hurricane Michael the couple took a break to work on other projects before returning to finish the building.

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Young said they both wanted to keep the historic elements of the building, but also give it a modern feel that attracted tenants. Young called the look “a historic industrial apartment.”

The apartment features an open kitchen with two bedrooms, both of which can be used as a master bedroom and bath. The restoration was so successful that one of the apartments has already been rented. However, the back apartment is still available.

Julie Harris, who attended the open house, was incredibly proud of the renovation and hopes it will inspire others to renovate.

“For many years, I have wished that the upper floors of our downtown buildings would be converted into apartments instead of sitting empty and neglected,” she said. “I have seen firsthand how ‘loft living’ is thriving in the downtown areas of many other cities. It’s great that Doug and Sherry recognized the income producing potential in this building, and took the necessary steps to renovate the second floor into two unique and beautiful spaces. It is my hope that other building owners will recognize that renovation of historic spaces is possible, and that there is great demand for downtown living in Bainbridge.”

Young was proud to hear all of the great feedback and thinks the open house went amazing,

“Everything went great,” he said. “It was wonderful to see.”

Stacey Cunningham also attended the open house and is excited for whoever has the opportunity to live there.

“Doug and Sherry Young and PDC Construction did such an amazing job restoring the downtown building,” she said. “They made it all brand new, yet kept the beautiful brick walls, exposed the pipes in the ceiling and kept the original fireplaces. Whoever rents these apartments will be super lucky to have such a beautiful place in the best part of town.”

The second apartment will rent for $1,000 a month and interested tenants can contact PDC Construction for information.