The power of prayer

Published 4:14 pm Tuesday, July 30, 2019

When we were young and just beginning Sunday School, we were all taught to pray. As little kids, we believed if you prayed hard enough and long enough your prayers might just be answered. While it’s true if you pray about it, it may be answered the length and strength of the prayer doesn’t really matter; sometimes the best gifts are unanswered prayers, but in this case the best gift was prayers abound.

Last Wednesday my uncle, Steve Holloway went in for his visit at the clinic to treat his skin abrasions. While there, nurses noticed irregularly low blood pressure and a bacterial infection in the abrasions. Doctors were called in for consultation and it was decided he would need his leg amputated.

The mere word “amputation” brought fear into me and most of my family’s heart. Steve was especially worried though. In 2011, he was in a car accident and suffered from paralysis below the waist. He has undergone numerous surgeries, stints in rehab and physical therapy and fought harder than any person I know to regain use in his legs. After months of trying, Steve finally was able to pull himself up and walk his daughter down the aisle for her wedding. It was his proudest moment, and for us an emotional moment because it was the end of a difficult journey.

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However, a new journey began on Friday when his left leg was amputated above the knee.

Our family reached out and begged for prayers, regardless of religion, we knew the risk. He suffered heart complications and the bacterial infection had already started running its course and we weren’t sure where else it could be hiding. Luckily, the doctor said it stopped in the leg.

Steve came out of surgery and is doing great. I think in part it’s due to the wonderful work of Dr. Herbold, but I would be lying if I didn’t think it’s also due to the power of the immense amount of prayers Steve and my family have received.

Steve is more than an uncle to me; he is a second dad and I asked God repeatedly Thursday night to give me some more time with him. I think He heard that and answered me, because I am stuck with Steve and his new leg, which he refers to as “Shorty” for a while.

While his spirit is optimistic and so is mine, I still know he has a long journey ahead of him, and he said, “Prayers are coveted during this time.”

I know most of you don’t know him, but it is my heartfelt wish that if you have a chance you could ask for healing, because I do believe in the power of prayer, as this week it was shown to me in more ways than one.

I thank everyone who has supported my uncle in his journey over the years and I especially thank both of my churches, Porterfield and Morningside for their continuous prayers and visits that bring us so much comfort.