Paying it forward

Published 4:02 pm Friday, July 12, 2019

This past Tuesday was my second day back to work after a two-month hiatus for back surgery. It had been a long and busy day, and by mid-afternoon I was tiring quickly and having a lot of pain. I just wanted to get my part done and go home to rest; but different tasks kept rearing up and I soon was expressing frustration and anger to those who didn’t deserve my hateful words.

Then, on my way home I remembered I had promised my husband I would stop at the produce stand for some slicing tomatoes.

As I looked them over I began chatting with another young lady who was also buying tomatoes. We each made our choice and proceeded to pay. I was told I owed $2, and as I began to dig in my purse for a couple of ones, the young lady spoke up and said, “Here, I’ve got this,” as she handed the clerk a $5.00 bill to cover both of our purchases.

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I was startled and very surprised by her act of kindness, which I certainly didn’t deserve.

I don’t know of it was the strain she read in my face, or the fact that I walked with a cane; but I believe she may have sensed my mood. She certainly brightened my day and taught me a lesson to always be on the lookout and in tune with others.