BLT summer class puts on ‘Shrek, Jr.’

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bainbridge Little Theatre is back with their summer children’s class act program, and this time they will be performing Shrek the Musical, Jr.

The musical is being directed by Rachael Crager and features kids ages 8-12, bringing a lot of new faces to the stage.

Crager said they chose this program because it was challenging and it helps children learn to accept everyone.

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“We chose Shrek because this musical is about accepting people who are different and that’s what the BLT does,” she said. “We like to accept everyone in the community. No matter where you came from, or where you grew up, anything and that’s what this musical does.”

Gray Slaughenloup, who plays Shrek and Payton Staples, who plays Fiona were a little unsure about the production at first, but are now ready to perform and wow everyone. They are most excited about performing their duet on opening night.

Some of the musical numbers Crager said everyone can look forward to are “Freak Flag,” and classic, “I’m a believer.” While, “I’m a believer” is the kid’s favorite song, Crager said they are all fun and upbeat and will have everyone singing along by the end of the show.

The kids have been practicing and participating in camp for the past four weeks, and every day is a little different. However, Crager has seen the kids light up when playing various different characters.

“That’s their favorite part,” she said. “Each one of them plays like four different people throughout the show, it’s a huge cast and we have worked with what we’ve got.”

The cast includes Kaylee Howell, who plays storyteller one, the pied piper and the bishop; Alyssa Johnson, who plays storyteller two and the dragon; Drew Thompson, who plays storyteller three and Ogre Princess Fiona; Sara Hall, who plays mama ogre, pig two, knight three and one of the rats; Mitchell Carter, who plays papa ogre, the big bad wolf and knight two; Asher Flowers, who plays little Shrek and Pinocchio; Isaac Reilly, who plays Captain of the Guards and knight one; Ivy Weathersby, who plays pig one and teen Fiona; Claire Toliver, who plays pig three; Vada Bloodworth, who plays the wicked witch and one of the rats; Annabelle Harrell, who plays Peter Pan; Sarah Collins Hines, who plays the ugly duckling and knight four; Audrey Nichols, who plays Mama bear; Thornton West, who plays Papa bear; Jenny Powell, who plays Baby bear; Loghan Thompson, who plays Donkey; Jimi Bellflower, who plays Lord Farquaad and Puss in Boots; Amerie McLendon, who plays Gingy; Brynlee Martin, who plays young Fiona, one of the rats and the dwarf and Payton Staples, who plays human Princess Fiona.

Crager has continuously reminded them that no one is playing himself or herself and to just get out there and be whoever they are in that moment and not to worry about what other’s think. She said it’s been pretty easy for them to get into character, though and they have had fun creating these people.

Shrek will be performed June 21-22 at 7 p.m. and June 23 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available now at Bainbridge Little Theatre.