A bullet to the thigh? I’ll pass, thanks

Published 4:13 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Athens radio sports station 960 The Ref posed a very, very strange question on its morning show Tuesday.

“Would you take a non-lethal gunshot to the thigh in exchange for a UGA Football National Championship.”

Obviously, this should be viewed as a hypothetical question, seeing as how no man or woman with a sane mind would willingly take a bullet for something so trivial and ultimately meaningless.

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But according to the station’s twitter poll on the subject, 47 percent of fans said “Yes”. A total of 5,676 votes have been cast, meaning 2,668 people would trade a bullet in the leg for the Dawgs to win a National Championship.

Maybe it’s all jokes, maybe some are taking it more seriously than others, but the question has gone a little bit viral across sports blogs in a matter of hours. To take a bullet to see your team hoist that coveted trophy is a heck of a sacrifice, but one that some are apparently willing to make.

I don’t think I could ever take such a question seriously. I’ll put it this way: maybe I’d take a bee bee gun pellet to the thigh. Other than that, though, it’s a slim chance. Especially considering the team Kirby Smart has put together for a 2019 campaign that is looking more and more likely by the day to bring the Dawgs into contention for a championship.

I don’t need any bullets to the thighs. Get that superstitious garbage out of here. Kirby is going to take care of business and nobody will be shedding any blood. Well, maybe the teams on Georgia’s schedule this season will, but it ends there.