Wildlife blooming in my garden

Published 3:31 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2019

For many years I have wanted a defined butterfly/hummingbird garden. In a way I can thank Hurricane Michael that I finally have one. He took down a huge elm tree that shaded the whole area outside my kitchen window and I was left with a big ugly open space-now sunny. All that was left in that area was a crepe myrtle tree and a couple of bushes planted there before the elm became so large. They had not bloomed in years. Now they are bursting with flowers.

A huge thanks to my family members, daughter Barb and her husband Dave, daughter Gail and my husband Ron who worked hard to clear the brush and debris to prepare the soil for new plants that became the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

The garden is staged around a crepe myrtle tree with pink blossoms and centered with the gift of a new fountain/birdbath combo. We chose to plant two butterfly bushes (one white and one purple), a pink whirling butterfly, several echinacea plants, verbena, pentas and lantana. Two points of interest exist, one in a tall urn filled with an arrangement of purple flowers and curly greens with a twisty plant/ The other area hosts a pink mandevilla that will climb up a black wrought iron trellis.

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We have placed one hummingbird feeder and two regular bird feeders in the garden. So, all in all, as I sit at my kitchen table, I can see all the “wildlife” action. We are not disappointed. There are many orange butterflies and some large black ones with blue spots on the wings.

It just makes my day to sit at the kitchen table and watch the glories of nature while I am recovering from back surgery. It also challenges me to find my bird book, butterfly book and gardening books to identify all I am seeing.